2023 Junior Interclub Tournament

2023 WA Junior Chess Interclub

presented by

Kingsley Chess Club & Duncraig SHS P&C



in association with

the Chess Association of Western Australia


Saturday 25 Nov 2023   --   1pm to 5pm

Introduction and Thanks

113 students from 32 schools and clubs came together and played in the 2023 Junior Interclub Chess Tournament.  It was a very hot day, fortunately we were able to use Duncraig Senior High School's wonderful Performing Arts room, with the air-conditioners keeping parents and players cool.

In just over 3 hours of play, from 1 pm until 4 pm, a total of 697 games of chess were played in one giant pool in an "Arena Ladder Teams" (aka Foodweb) format, over-the-board.    Time control was 12 minutes + 3 seconds increment.  The games were not ACF rated.

Full details of the tournament format can be found here: Tournament Details PDF 

There were perpetual trophies and medallions for First, Second, and Third place teams in three divisions (A, B, C).
There were also special trophies as individual prizes for top performing players in each division.

Thanks very much to our tournament organisers:

James Buchanan of Duncraig SHS

Vicky Botha and Hannah Von Ahlefeld of the Duncraig SHS P&C

Paul Harris, Kim Goh and Georgina Harris of Kingsley Chess Club

Thanks to sponsors:

Caitlin Collins, MLA, Member for Hillarys

Jessica Stojkovski, MLA, Member for Kingsley

Thanks to our Custom Trophy Supplier:

Nathan Bunny of Laser Cut Crafts

Prize Table

Medals for Team Members
and Special Trophies for Best Player Individuals

Players waiting for the fun to start

Final Team Results

Division: A

1st: Kingsley Chess Club

2nd: Trinity College

3rd: Kingsway Christian College

Division: B

1st: North Team (Dianella Heights PS, Eden Hill PS, Swan Valley Chess Club, Yanchep Rise PS)

2nd: Kingsley Chess Club

3rd: Trinity College

Division: C

1st: Kingsley Chess Club

2nd: Duncraig Senior High School

3rd: South Team (St Damien's Catholic Primary School, Queens Park Primary School)

Division A

Division A, 1st: Kingsley Chess Club

with Paul Harris and Alan Wolstencroft

Division A, 2nd: Trinity College

Division A, 3rd: Kingsway Christian College

Division B

Division B, 1st: North Team
(Eden Hill PS, Dianella Heights PS, Yanchep Rise PS, Swan Valley Chess Club)

Division B, 2nd: Kingsley Chess Club

Division B, 3rd: Trinity College

Division C

Division C, 1st: Kingsley Chess Club

Division C, 2nd: Duncraig Senior High School

Division C, 3rd: South Team
St Damien's Catholic Primary School, Queens Park Primary School

Individual Prizes

This year, we also rewarded the top individual players in each division with a special one-of-a-kind trophy, designed by Paul and Georgina Harris and made by Nathan Bunny

Top Player, Division A
Alex Pimenov
Kingsley Chess Club

Top Girl, Division A
Niki Hashemitaba
Carine Senior High School

Top Player, Division B
Harrison Trieu
Nedlands Primary School

Top Girl, Division B
Inga Kim
Russian School of WA

Top Player, Division C
Eli Hearne
St Damien's Catholic Primary School


William Philip
Duncraig Senior High School

Top Girl, Division C
Sienna Ford
Duncraig Senior High School

Detailed Standings

The number on the left of a player's name is their "Final Position" on the Ladder (so, the higher the number, the higher on the ladder, the better the result).

The top four players' positions are added to form the Team's score (marked with *).

The number/number (eg 7/9) on the right of their name is their game results - this is their wins versus the number of games played.  1 point for a win, 0.5 points for a draw.

These points are usually used in tournaments to determine the winners.  They were not used in this tournament and are only included for interest.

In this tournament, the winners were determined by their position (or height) on a ladder.


Winning more games does not necessarily mean the player will have a higher score.  What matters is WHO they won against.   The top player must beat the 2nd highest player on the ladder.  It does not matter who won the most games.

Division A

185   Kingsley Chess Club

 48   * Alex Pimenov             7/7   

 47   * Flynn Williams           6/7  

 46   * Lucas Lee                8/10   

 44   * Graeme Berrigan        8.5/12  

 42     Eamon Harris             6/10  

 39     Dominic Davoll           5/8   

 37     Jun Matsuda            3.5/6  

 37     Max Holden               4/6  

 33     Hayden Kelly           5.5/10

 33     Thomas Admiraal          4/9  

 32     Mohammad A. Almasalma  2.5/8  

 30     Muhammad Nirbaan       5.5/8  

 27     Jake Smelter             4/7  

 26     Kush Patel               3/10  

 21     James Kroger             5/8

148 Trinity College

 40   * Anthony James Milner        6/8

 40   * Jack Uhlmann                9/11

 35   * Chenxi Li                  10/14  

 33   * Thomas Batten               8/10  

 26     Mitchell Christianopoulos 5.5/9  

124   Kingsway Christian College

 45   * Mark Louw            5/8   

 42   * Neil Louw            5/7   

 37   * Hank Louw            7/10   

Division B

105   North Team

 32   * Sebastian Gough    6.5/14  

 29   * Jason Li             4/12   

 24   * Raon Kim             5/10  

 20   * Pierce Bowman        6/14  

 11     Benjamin Albright    4/7  

102   Kingsley Chess Club

 34   * Cooper Smith         7/14

 27   * Sam Melbin         8.5/13

 23   * Jack Douglas         6/11

 18   + Deev Advaith Bonam   4/11

 18   + Ishaan T Patel       8/12

 16     Josiah Ong         3.5/11

 16     William Dowling    6.5/12

 14     Evan Fay             7/13

 13     Colin Louw           5/9

 11     Dylan Kozikowski     4/11

 10     Hamza A. Almasalma   2/5

  8     Hugo Tran          1.5/6

  5     Zach Hoffman         3/12

 94   Trinity College

 37   * Henry Charles        6/13  

 35   * James Ho             5/10  

 22   * Henry Gebauer        3/9  

Division C

 58   Kingsley Chess Club

 22   * Ruthvik Varma Sangaraju      6/10

 21   * Fernando Samuel Venturina  5.5/11

  8   * Jasper Deng                3.5/11

  7   * Patrick Keenan               5/9

  4     Lukas Memik                  3/9

  2     Santiago Oliva Davila      3.5/11

 51   Duncraig Senior High School

 23   * William Philip             5.5/13

 14   * Sienna Ford                3.5/10

 13   * Mitchell Bennett           6.5/10

  1   * Samantha Swapp               2/7

 44   South Team

 23   * Eli Hearne                  5/10

  8   * Shijirkhutag Nyamdari       4/8

  8   * Tsogzolmaa Ishgavaa       2.5/7

  5   * Bryson Savill               3/10

  2     Shijirgun Nyamdari          4/10

Club and School Groups

Many schools and clubs were not able to field enough players to fill three divisions.
So, the next best solution was for the smaller groups of players to be divided into three groups based on their geographical location.

Player and Team Divisions

There were many players without accurate ACF ratings. Rather than guessing the divisions, all players played in one big Arena pool - any player could play any player from a different group provided they were "close enough" in terms of their place on the ladder.

After 1.5 hours, a preliminary rating was computed for all players and used to place all players into the A, B and C divisions.  These divisions determined which Team that player's score was assigned to.

eg, a B division Player in the South group would have their score added to South Team B's score.

Note: These divisions did not change who they could be paired with - all players still played in the same pool.  Since the division did not affect the pairing, we were able to reallocate players to different divisions during the tournament.

The system worked smoothly overall, allowing players to maximise playing time.

Players locked in battle

Deep in thought

Fuel for chess: Fairy Floss

Congratulations on your efforts!

Student Volunteers

We were fortunate to have some very capable student volunteers to help at the tournament: 

Georgina Harris

Adriana Bilki

Chelsee Le

Emily Kretschmer

Michelle Botha

Arissa Bryers

Evie Hall

Oliver Willey

and Lilliana

 They helped to set up and pack up the venue, and run the sausage sizzle, popcorn and fairy floss, and generally help out on the day!

Arbiters and Chess Helpers

We had quite a number of arbiters on the day:

Thanks to them, any problems were quickly and calmly dealt with, and there were no serious problems on the day at all.

A big thank you to Hugo Louw and Anton Kroger for helping guide players at the computer screens and explaining the numbers!

And a huge thank you to Kim Goh, Georgina Harris and Paul Harris for making the whole tournament run as smoothly as possible.

Food and Games

It was unfortunately too hot to enjoy the outside giant games,

but players and families did enjoy the sausage sizzle, popcorn and fairy floss that was on sale outside!

Thanks very much to our wonderful volunteers who ran the food stall:

James Buchanan, Vicky Botha and Tia Tutti

and our wonderful Duncraig Senior High School student volunteers.

Also a big thanks to the coffee truck who kept the parents going!

Cross Table

Players listed in order of their final standing (their Level in the ladder). 

There are no rounds, so each player simply has all their games listed in the order played.

The game result is like so:  + for a win.  - for a loss.  = for a draw.
W if played as white.  B if played as black.
The number is the opponent Number (the first column: Num)